Sharing and supporting…

(originally posted in French in December; translated to English in February)

If you want to provide support, then of course,  your thoughts, your physical or moral presence, that can bring the most. If you want to provide a material participation, then here are a few ideas.

For the ceremony, flowers were welcome, but I think – and I know that Carole would have agreed with me – that it’s a great occasion to materially support some worthwhile causes.

the Centre Léon Bérard is a great institution, that supported Carole and the rest of the family… Incredibly motivated teams, exceptional scientific, medical, but even more human… expertise, on behalf of a fight that is far from being won. Maybe it is a good destination for a donation.

I would also suggest the Hospices Civils de Lyon,  a beautiful, multi-secular, institution in Lyon, which is currently in dire financial straits, and needs even more of your help.

More generally, I think it’s a moment to think to, and support, an equal-access, fair, non-profit oriented, health system, not only with money but even more with political involvement.

Friday 9th: I wrote another post on this sujet.


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