Participer et soutenir (2) – in English

J’avais écrit ce petit texte dimanche dernier sur la question des donations, on me dit que je devrais le poster; je le laisse en Anglais comme je l’avais écrit. Voir aussi Participer et soutenir

Carole was a strong believer in free enterprise and the power of entrepreneurship : but she was also tremendously impressed by the dedication, the quality, the professionalism, of all the personnel of the french public medical system that helped her and us; and furthermore she was shocked by the increasing pressure being put on this system, financially, and even more in stress on people, taking advantage of their dedication, and tilting the balance toward private health care providers, and even more big pharma companies.

So, if you ask yourself what you could bring to the ceremony : you can buy or bring flowers or anything else; better, is to make a donation to a research, curing or caring institution of your choice.

But since donation shouldn’t replace the right usage of our taxes, the most important thing should be your involvement in the social system. Vote to keep the balance between public service and private dynamism ; speak out, get involved in your communities, to support causes that work at regulating this increasing discrepancy.

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