Life parties, fêtes de vie – Save the dates !

Carole asked that we do a “Fête de Vie”… We will have, not one, not two… but THREE life parties – for the different places where she left friends:

  • in Lyon, on Saturday, May 20th – at the Fort de Vaise, a beautiful place, indoors and outdoors, afternoon and evening > See the page for Lyon
  • in Igny, next to Paris, on Sunday, July 9th – at Carole’s parent place > See the page for Paris
  • in San Francisco, on Saturday, August 19th – both day and evening, at a very beautiful friend’s house/garden, in El Cerrito, with a stunning view to the Bridge ! > See the page for SF

It will be about… having fun ! Sharing souvenirs and remembering what Carole brought us, of course, but most importantly about happiness, what we can bring together, do together, have fun together. All are welcome, whether from work, friends, relations, influences, colleagues,… Kids also, we will have animations for them, so it’s an occasion to plan a a day or week-end.


… And if you have a good cause, even a company, that Carole helped or somewhat participated to, then please bring things about it ! Mix pleasure and work, the way Carole was 🙂 We’ll welcome Kakemono, souvenir book, animation, food, cocktail bar… For example, the champagne will be provided by Chantal Gonet, who was of great support and great fun; in Lyon we’re thinking of havin a bouncy castle, most likely sponsored by BoostInLyon… Contact us and we’ll give you a space or a moment.

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