Remembering Carole…

Carole Granade-Segers left us on December 2nd, 2016. We’ve set up this site to post and share news, information, remembrance of Carole for the sharing moments to come.

Your comments are welcome, even more than on social networks, as they will be visible to those not using them; it will be also more personal, and will allow us to not lose control again. Don’t hesitate to ask me if you want to post longer articles, pictures,…

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Life Party in San Francisco

Carole asked that we do a “Fête de Vie”, a life celebration… After Lyon and Paris, we will have it in San Francisco, to remember the good times we had there, share some good times in a party, and maybe meet and create new good times in the future…

It will be on Saturday, August 19th, in El Cerrito, in the East Bay, in a beautiful house with (if weather permits…) a view of the Golden Gate Bridge.

We will start around 3PM. We will probably have a short celebration to remember Carole and celebrate her life, a little later. We will continue into the evening, with friends who want to stay until late, with a party « Carole style ».

Save the date, RSVP below, even if you are not sure to come. This will help us organize. Please send email to to get the details.

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See also the pages about the Life Parties in Lyon and in Paris .

Life parties, fêtes de vie – Save the dates !

Carole asked that we do a “Fête de Vie”… We will have, not one, not two… but THREE life parties – for the different places where she left friends:

  • in Lyon, on Saturday, May 20th – at the Fort de Vaise, a beautiful place, indoors and outdoors, afternoon and evening > See the page for Lyon
  • in Igny, next to Paris, on Sunday, July 9th – at Carole’s parent place > See the page for Paris
  • in San Francisco, on Saturday, August 19th – both day and evening, at a very beautiful friend’s house/garden, in El Cerrito, with a stunning view to the Bridge ! > See the page for SF

It will be about…  Continue reading

Sharing and supporting…

(originally posted in French in December; translated to English in February)

If you want to provide support, then of course,  your thoughts, your physical or moral presence, that can bring the most. If you want to provide a material participation, then here are a few ideas.

For the ceremony, flowers were welcome, but I think – and I know that Carole would have agreed with me – that it’s a great occasion to materially support some worthwhile causes.

the Centre Léon Bérard is a great institution, that supported Carole and the rest of the family… Incredibly motivated teams, exceptional scientific, medical, but even more human… expertise, on behalf of a fight that is far from being won. Maybe it is a good destination for a donation.

I would also suggest the Hospices Civils de Lyon,  a beautiful, multi-secular, institution in Lyon, which is currently in dire financial straits, and needs even more of your help.

More generally, I think it’s a moment to think to, and support, an equal-access, fair, non-profit oriented, health system, not only with money but even more with political involvement.

Friday 9th: I wrote another post on this sujet.


Sharing and supporting (3)

(originally written on December 9th, just before the ceremony)

One last word before the ceremony. Today we’ll be singing:

Laisserons-nous à notre table

I think that this song would fit Carole well, as she always tried, as much as possible, to invite anyone asking her or needing it, for a meal.

This song is also more relevant than ever, as migrants continue to (try to) cross the Mediterranean Sea by the tens of thousands, and as the “president-elect” still has not abandoned his idea of a border wall.

We hope, as Carole hoped, that people, politicians in particular, left- or right-leaning, will have the generous yet realistic vision that welcoming others is always an enrichment for all.

How we got here…

(originally posted in French in December, before the ceremony; translated to English in February)

Maybe it’s worth taking a few steps back in time, and tell you how we got to where we are today…

Carole was diagnosed with breast cancer in January 2016. The blog she started will give you an idea of what happened following the diagnosis. Although the cancer underwent the normal treatment, it nevertheless spread to other organs after the summer. By October, Carole knew that she would finish her life with cancer, but that it could last several months, or even, with a little chance, years. Continue reading

Where I am, where we are…

(originally posted in French on December 6th, before the ceremony; translated to English in February… and still very relevant)

Many people asked us how we are handling all this, and, of course, how the family is impacted. This short post, hard to do in public, and perhaps a bit premature, will perhaps help you understand what we – the children and myself – feel. Maybe it’ll also help, on Saturday, our thoughts to turn fully to Carole.

We have been, in these difficult times, incredible lucky. Continue reading

After the storm…

In the last moments, Carole asked us to do a « fête de vie », a Life Party, once everything would be over.
I believe we will not do one Life party, but two: one in France, and one in California.

We’ll inform you of the dates of course, most likely mid-March in France, and mid-June in California.

After the storm there will be sun, certainly 🙂